Ad hoc quality control

“Ricky I want the case to be heavy” I told the manufacturer of the watch. The last thing I wanted was that light, almost plasticky sensation to be my customers introduction to the Vindicators watch. Something about a quality watch is perceptible even with the first touch, and even by a novice. I cant offer my clientele the expertise of Rolex but I was sure as hell going to deliver them a tank. This was the theme, not some fashion watch but something that would last.

When I received samples of the custom band I include with the watch I vigorously bent them. I was simulating heavy wear, probing for a weakness. Bryant the band manufacturer thought I was certified crazy. When I found a weakness I requested the flaw be remedied.

Sadly my personal Vindicators watch is beaten. I dropped it concrete and stone floors. I told my friends to do the same. Four drops, drops that would have wrecked my competitors. What is the state of the watch? The case has not one dent, the sapphire crystal is so thick it survived without any sign of trauma. That final drop caused some damage on the dial and the movement needed an adjustment but the performance surprised me. From that Japanese miyota 8125 movement that has proven 25 years of reliable service to the case to the sapphire crystal I feel I delivered on my objective, a Quality watch.

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